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How to Have a Digital Forensic Triage Process that Works Field to Lab

Posted by Richard T. Frawley on August 10, 2021
Richard T. Frawley

In this 3-minute "How To" video, you'll learn the benefits of having a digital forensic triage process that works from field to lab. Using ADF digital forensic tools, examiners can prepare field investigators to find digital evidence and intelligence on mobile phones, tablets, computers, and storage devices starting on-scene. 



Triage Digital Devices: From Key Preparation to On-Scene Collection & Analysis

Getting the most out of ADF Digital Forensic tools, law enforcement, and tactical groups have their high-skilled examiners prepare the collection keys to acquire the specific evidence needed for their case.

Begin in the Digital Forensic Lab

A forensic examiner's experience is perfect for easily determining the most appropriate Search Profiles to choose based on the cases they're facing or the time investigators will have on-scene. With the specific Search Profiles selected, both examiners and investigators can be confident that they have what they need to get the evidence they want to collect and analyze.  

Investigating On-Scene and in the Field

In the field with ADF digital forensic tools, investigators are ready for any computer, cell phone, tablet, hard drive, storage device, or memory card they locate. 

With ADF triage tools, the investigator is able to launch multiple scans simultaneously. Search profiles are customized for each type of digital device. 

  • Powered-off Computers: the investigator can scan a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer by powering it up with the collection key attached. He selects the appropriate Search Profile for the task at hand.
  • Powered-on Computers: the investigator can scan simply by attaching the collection key and conducting a live scan of a Mac, Windows or Linux computer. Again, the investigator selects the appropriate search profile.
  • Mobile Phones and Tablets: for Apple or Android cell phones or tablets, the investigator can scan simply by attaching the appropriate cable to his DEI Pro Field Tablet. Search Profile for Mobile Devices is selected.
  • External Storage Devices / Memory Cards: the investigator can use his card reader and attach via USB to his DEI PRO Field Tablet. And yes, there's a profile for storage device scans. 

Once the digital device is connected, the investigator simply selects her or his targets and names the scan so the and then scanning can begin. The first thing the investigator sees is the progress bar as the scan quickly locates the evidence on each digital device.

Back in the Digital Forensic Lab

With the scan complete, the investigator views the summary page where he can easily determine which devices should be collected for the lab. Back at the lab, the investigator has collected only the devices with relevant data, this helps the examiner reliably schedule when the report will be ready. 

Picking up on the Investigator's work in the field, the examiner can easily produce reports that are courtroom ready.  The examiner has all that she or he needs to output the reports that tie the suspect to the incident or crime. 

With ADF digital forensic tools, your team goes from preparation to solving cases using an easy, reliable, and repeatable process that is easy to learn, deploy and manage.

Meet the DEI PRO Field Tablet


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