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ICAC Investigations with ADF Tools

Posted by Richard T. Frawley on December 17, 2021
Richard T. Frawley

Investigating crimes against children has been at the forefront of law enforcement’s initiatives to dedicate the specialized manpower and equipment in order to battle this issue. It is not an easy issue to tackle as it manifests in many different ways and sometimes requires three or more specialized units working together to bring the offenders to justice and then another specialized unit to manage the offenders after release. On top of all the investigation time, we add digital devices to the mix, used to commit and perpetrate these crimes. When it comes time to conduct a search warrant, knock and talk, interview, or victim/witness statement, investigators need a solution to find the relevant data, minimize the number of devices brought back to the lab, minimize the impact to victims, witnesses, and innocent family members. 

We, as investigators, have this innate need to get in and get out as soon as we possibly can, with the best results, feeling confident in the decisions that we made and the evidence we have located. When it comes time for mobile forensics or computer forensics on scene ADF Solutions offers both, with the ability to quickly obtain the data you are looking for and make the decision to seize the device, image or acquire the device, return the device to the victim/witness/family member while you have confidence in a sound decision on scene.

Multiple devices are almost a guarantee when investigating a crime against children and situations are most likely to change, leaving you with the need to adapt and overcome them. ADF applications such as Digital Evidence Investigator Pro allow you to configure what you want out of the device or conduct immediate triage of the device with Mobile Preview and Screenshot features. Documenting evidence that may not be contained in a logical acquisition is fast and makes reporting and chain of custody easy with OCR (optical character recognition) and integrity hashes. No more photographing the device or relying on the device to send you the screenshots. Grab what is needed or what you are limited to by the legal authority. What you want how you want it.

Customize your scans with your own hash lists, Project Vic / CAID, and bring in your own unique keywords to zero in on what you are looking for. Triaging an ICAC-related device has never been easier. ADF Applications are the go-to tool for many ICAC task forces and affiliates, Probation and Parole, and Child exploitation management teams.

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