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Digital Forensics Lab: How to Reduce Forensic Backlogs

Posted by JP Redding on May 10, 2021
JP Redding

On-scene, it can be impractical for investigators to seize all the digital devices they locate so investigators that are able to triage on-scene only seize devices with relevant data.

Without digital forensic triage, investigators have to collect every device. 

Transporting only the relevant devices helps digital forensic labs run efficiently without causing or adding to backlogs. The lab continues from what was discovered on-scene, instead of starting from scratch viewing case files. 

Using collected data, Forensic Examiners can schedule work reliably instead of adding it to a mountain of unprioritized backlogs. 

Watch this 60-second video to learn the benefits of digital forensic triage in reducing forensic backlogs. 

ADF Digital Forensic Tools; from on-scene to the lab, make the entire process easier, faster, more effective.

Use tools in the field, from field to lab, or in the lab to help identify critical evidence and speed investigations, quickly identify victims and suspects, and protect digital evidence.


Icon-On-Scene-tOn-Scene: The speed and flexibility to search based on the nature of your search for Suspect, Witness, Victim, or Unknown devices. Preview devices and capture screenshots from mobile devices to make immediate field decisions for the next steps in your case (seize devices, charge suspects, identify and protect victims, etc.). Investigate computers (Mac, Windows, Linux) or mobile devices, analyze results, make decisions and build your or solve your case on-scene.


Icon - man driving police car back to forensic labField to Lab: Collect relevant evidence in minutes, seize devices and continue your investigations back in the lab or hand off prioritized evidence with initial reports to prosecutors and examiners for further investigation. 


Icon - Forensic lab investigator with two computersIn the Lab: If an investigation was started on-scene with ADF, you can pick up right where you left off. Otherwise, you can quickly triage other seized devices to determine which devices should be prioritized. 


Digital Forensic Analysts can get started with ADF digital forensic tools is quickly, and can learn ADF tools in just 8 to 20 hours. Qualified professionals can request a free software trial to use in an investigation with full support from our digital forensic team

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