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Combating Human Trafficking with Traverse Project and Austin Shamlin

Posted by Brittany Roberts on January 19, 2024
Brittany Roberts

Embark on a compelling journey with Austin Shamlin, the visionary founder of the Traverse Project, as he shares his personal connection to the fight against human trafficking. In Austin's candid conversation with ADF LEGENDS host, Bret Peters, he explores the limitations of traditional approaches and sheds light on the pivotal role financial disruption plays in this battle. Austin's insights unveil the importance of long-term investigations, global takedowns, and the significance of data collection in quantifying the problem of modern day slavery.

Personal Connection to Human Trafficking

Austin delves into his profound personal connection to human trafficking, providing a heartfelt account of what drives his unwavering commitment to combat this pervasive issue. The conversation touches on the challenges of traditional approaches, setting the stage for innovative anti-human trafficking strategies employed by the Traverse Project.

Limitations of Traditional Approaches

Highlighting the shortcomings of conventional methods, Austin outlines the need for fresh perspectives in tackling human trafficking. The post explores how the Traverse Project pioneers digital forensics for indigenous communities, carving a unique path to address this global crisis.

The Traverse Project

A spotlight on the Traverse Project reveals its groundbreaking work in digital forensics, presenting a model that goes beyond the conventional. Austin discusses the collaborative efforts with State Attorney General's Offices, showcasing the synergy between organizations and law enforcement in the pursuit of justice.

Collaboration with State Attorney General's Offices

The Traverse Project's collaboration with State Attorney General's Offices, underscores the collective strength of partnerships. Austin elaborates on the intricacies of financial disruption, emphasizing its pivotal role in dismantling human trafficking networks.

Importance of Financial Disruption

Shamlin stresses the importance of financial disruption, unraveling its potential to cripple illicit activities. The conversation explores the Traverse Project's advocacy for long-term investigations and global takedowns, presenting a strategic approach to combating this complex issue.

Long-Term Investigations and Global Takedowns

Austin's insights extend to the realm of data collection, offering a glimpse into how quantifying the problem is a crucial step toward effective intervention. He discusses his team's dedication to utilizing digital forensics to empower indigenous communities, fostering resilience and justice. Austin shares his commitment to involving young people in the fight against human trafficking, nurturing a collective responsibility for a safer world.

Digital Forensics for Indigenous Communities and Advice for Parents

As the conversation transitions to future goals, Austin shares his vision for the Traverse Project. He explores the innovative strategies and community-based initiatives that form the foundation of the Traverse Project's roadmap. Austin shares strategies for minimizing stress, building support systems for staff, and the transformative benefits of meditation and habits.

Involving Young People in the Fight

The pocast concludes with insights into finding escapes and recharging, underscoring the importance of maintaining mental health in high-stress environments. Listeners are encouraged to support organizations like the Traverse Project, recognizing the significant impact collective efforts can have in combatting human trafficking.

Watch the Interview with Austin Shamlin

Learn more about Austin Shamlin and the Traverse Project: Traverse Project

Follow Austin Shamlin on: Twitter or Instagram.

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